MarketingTrick release 1.0

Few days back I started testing here my latest plugin, called MarketingTrick 🙂
The results are good – a few friends asked for the code, I gave it to them, they tested it – everything seems ok 😉

What is all about?

MarketingTrick is a plugin that gives access to full text of posts only to registered users, but has some additional functionalities than just to force users to register/login:

  1. You can specify the time delay before showing full text to not-registered(or logged) users.Example: you can set the delay to 2 days. If user wants to see the full text he will be prompted to login, but only the first 2 days, after this he will se
  2. You can allow bots (google, yahoo, msn, archive etc) to view your full text always
  3. You can show the short text in full text mode to not-registered users
  4. You can set the text that is displayed before the login form
  5. You can set this option with just a click:

You can see this in action here: (not really a deal for testing, but you should get the idea 😉 )

How to install:
1. unzip
2. upload
3. activate
4. enjoy 😉

Download MarketingTrick

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